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Ms. Marilyn Bull

Co Founder of the Belize Independence Project. Leaving a lifetime of sharing and caring.

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WE HAVE A DREAM….A vision of an environmentally friendly society where people, business, and the planet coexist with respect and consideration. Toward this end we have a plan.

The COTA CLUB Mission

The shores of the Savannah Forest ReserveIn the Temperate country of Belize, Central America, on the shores of the Savannah Forest Reserve, adjacent to the Placencia Lagoon, at the Mango Creek Tributary, we are building the beginning of a new approach to living with and caring for our most precious resource, Earth. COTA’s Conservation Organization Teaching Awareness goal is to provide a safe and nurturing place where families and organizations can come to learn a new philosophy. In this community, we want to alter attitudes and encourage new behaviors. This will benefit our present day quality of life, our future, and the futures of our children. In order to accomplish this goal we will aggressively pursue new avenues of research and promote environmental education. Our mission is to benefit the United States of America and all citizens by redirecting societal beliefs toward environmentally safe ecologically sound behaviors while promoting better decision making skills through education and environmental awareness in all areas of business and home life. We will create a place to accomplish these goals in an alternative energy natural setting. Our complex will be a self sufficient, environmentally friendly, low impact, highly efficient hub using renewable alternative energy sources. The complex we envision is an interconnected system beneficial for mind and body as well as the world we need to survive in. For example, the fitness center activities will promote good physical and mental health while also powering the lights, televisions, computers and all other electrical needs in the complex.

Our dream is to also power the maintenance vehicles, displacing many unhealthy petroleum products.  The surplus of power from this alternative energy system will be sold to the  local power company and displace tons of harmful pollutants from entering the atmosphere by supplying cleaner power to the surrounding power users.  Our mission will be met in a multitude of avenues including, but not limited to:


Our long term goal is to establish one of the most complete environmental resource centers possible via an environmental information computer hub linking various environmental information sources worldwide. The Earth has limited resources. One of the most precious resources for us humans is time. We believe, our society as a whole faces monumental problems for which humanity, our children’s world and their children’s world, may have to accept the sole responsibility. Global warming, deforestation, and air and land pollution threaten us daily, restricting our ability to enjoy our lives safely without the specter of pollution-induced illness and injury looming before us. It is imperative we solve these problems in order to save our place on the planet with the intent to cease creating new problems and new dangers. Encouraging the development of alternative sources of energy, improving ways to recycle and pursuing new environmentally safe products are some of the things our research center will accomplish to improve the quality of life here on Earth. We strive for the balance between our standard of living and preserving our planet and our future or, we believe, we face losing everything. We will work until we have redirected societal beliefs toward environmentally safe behaviors.

The COTA CLUB Solution

Our solution toward this goal is to build the COTA CLUB, an educational research and recreation center, totally committed to environmental issues and disseminating unbiased information relating to these issues. We are confident in our own beliefs the ultimate solutions to the problems we face today will be found in the forest, rivers, oceans, savannas, prairies, deserts, alpine and tundra that surround us. Conserving those intricate ecosystems, in order that we may learn from them is the most important resource we have. Only organized sustained effort will be enough to counteract the damage already noticeable. Dreams are complex and encompass the best of the human spirit. We believe this dream will benefit all, for it benefits the earth in which all humanity depends. Dreams are only realized only with hard work and perseverance and we are committed to the realization of this dream whatever it takes. We would like to encourage all dreams and in order for that to happen we need a safe and healthy planet where dreams are encouraged and realized. Welcome to COTA Club; we would like to invite you to be a part of our efforts and encourage all correspondence and participation.