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Please visit and support the businesses that have donated materials and services to our campaign. Without them and all who have donated, the COTA CLUB would not be possible.

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Donated Goods Transportation

Belize is a poor country and the government makes most all of their money on import tax. With this in mind, items we need are not readily accessible in Belize. We need to bring it with us. Goods that are made in Belize are less expensive than in the states but you will find that they are mostly staple items such as fish, sea food, rice, fruit, sugar, beans, foul and flowers.

The country of Belize is bound to the north by Mexico, to the west and south by Guatemala, and to the east by the beautiful Caribbean Sea. With the import tax at 35% you do not get a flow of much needed goods and equipment. Most items brought into Belize are bought and paid for before it reaches the border.

A good percentage of donated items are distributed to the poor and unfortunate population around Independence Village.  Mostly they consist of clothing, shoes, feminine products, toiletries, tools, beds, bedding, paint, fasteners, bicycles, fish line, hooks, leaders, appliances, computers, school supplies, batteries, generator's, most everything we use in our everyday lives that we take for granted.

The remainder of items or goods are for our own organization: COTA (Conservation Organization Teaching Awarenes) These are items we need for our day to day operations; office equipment, office supplies, power tools, construction equipment, furniture, house wares, recreation equipment, vehicles, trailers, boats, generator's, outboards, fuel cans, paint, etc.

Basically we are looking for any way possible to get donated goods to Belize.  We receive a trailer load or more of donated items each year for our Belize Independence Project.  We drive them down once or twice a year but the cost for transportation is beyond our means for our next trip.

We are looking for help with the following:

This trip will depart Minneapolis Minnesota and proceed to the southern border of Texas. This trip usually takes two days without complications. The next trek is a 37 hour drive through Mexico along the gulf coast, at the boarder you need to pay tax on the goods you are bringing through and insurance on the vehicle and some personal tax. This drive usually takes two days without any complications.  Last is the Belize boarder.  It has been our experience that it is safe to assume a full day at the border.  At that point you pay customs tax and you will need to spend a night before the 5 hour drive to Independence Village which is our final destination.

With the items we keep for use at COTA we find that the public is coming daily to borrow in exchange for work at the facility or rent in exchange for a monitary donation that is used to improve the property.  We want the COTA Club to be a place where many different varieties of people can come together to work toward our common goal. We believe that Communication & Interaction is the only way to change attitudes. If we are successful in our goal of changing attitudes, we feel we will have made a major contribution to the quality of life, not only of our visitors, but the lives of anyone they touch as well. We want to be a place children remember for the rest of their lives and where business leaders come to understand how important our environment is to all of us. We said our dreams were big, but we know we can do more than just realize them. We want to help anyone who comes to us to realize theirs as well.