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Please visit and support the businesses that have donated materials and services to our campaign. Without them and all who have donated, the COTA CLUB would not be possible.

In Memory of:

Ms. Marilyn Bull

Co Founder of the Belize Independence Project. Leaving a lifetime of sharing and caring.

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Education Assistance

Education Assistance for the children of BelizeBy helping students in and around our target areas we hope to accomplish a relationship with the community that we are here to help them to help themselves and in return we hope that they will help us accomplish our goals about our commitment to the environment around us all.

We want the COTA Club to be a place where many different varieties of people can come together to work toward A common goal. We believe that Communication & Interaction is the only way to change attitudes. If we are successful in our goal of changing attitudes, we feel we will have made a major contribution to the quality of life, not only of our visitors, but the lives of anyone they touch as well. We want to be a place children remember for the rest of their lives and where business leaders come to understand how important our environment is to all of us. We said our dreams were big, but we know we can do more than just realize them. We want to help anyone who comes to us to realize theirs as well. We will need the following items in order to accomplish this end:

This is just a partial list of items that are being worked on and that are in great need.

We are going to prioritize our project to the immediate area of Mango Creek and Independence Village school district of the Stann Creek District of Belize, Central America.