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Co Founder of the Belize Independence Project. Leaving a lifetime of sharing and caring.

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Environmental Research Center

Our long-term goal is to establish one of most complete environmental resource centers possible via an environmental information computer hub linking various environmental information sources worldwide. The Earth has limited resources. One of the most precious for us humans is time. To continue on our present course, our society as a whole faces monumental problems for which humanity, our children's world and their children's world may have to accept sole responsibility. Global warming, deforestation, and air and land pollution threaten us every day, restricting our ability to enjoy our lives safely' with out the specter of pollution-induced illness and injury looming before us. It is imperative that we solve these problems in order to save our place on the planet without creating new problems and new dangers. Encouraging the development of alternative sources of energy, Improving ways to recycle and pursuing new, environmentally safe products are some of the things our research center will do to improve the quality of life here on Earth. No one expects us to lower our standard of living, but we must develop new attitudes and beliefs about our planet and our future or face losing everything. We will work until we have redirected societal beliefs toward environmentally safe behaviors.

Learning From Our Environment

Toward this goal, we are building the COTA CLUB, an education, research and recreation center, totally committed to environmental issues and disseminating unbiased information relating to these issues. We believe the ultimate solutions to the problems we face today will be found in the forest, rivers, oceans, savannas, prairies, deserts, alpine and tundra that surround us. Conserving those intricate ecosystems, so we may learn from them, is too important. Only organized sustained effort will be enough to counteract the damage already done. You are invited to be part of our effort

Dreams are complex and encompass the best of the human spirit. We believe this dream will benefit everyone, for it benefits the earth with which everyone depends. The most important part of our dream is that we always work toward its realization, not just for ourselves and the personal satisfaction that comes with success, but also because we want a safe, healthy planet where everyone can dream his or her dreams.