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In Memory of:

Ms. Marilyn Bull

Co Founder of the Belize Independence Project. Leaving a lifetime of sharing and caring.

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History & Background

COTA Club Inc. is the culmination of a lifetime of environmental concern.  Originally, The COTA Club was a social club whose members gathered to talk about their personal lives and the issues in them.  The members included their children in these discussions, instilling in their children sensitivity for the environment and environmental issues.  As values were passed from parent to child, these people taught their children that nature has value in and of itself.  These children learned that lack of respect for our surroundings and our planet has consequences that we cannot escape.

We are the second generation of the COTA Club.  We are the children our parents tried so hard to teach that nature has beauty and value simply because it exists.  Seeing the threat to our environment and the limited public awareness we chose to separate from the original COTA Club, leaving the old as it is, and create a new, more active organization that is solution based.  COTA Club Inc. is committed to preserving a sustainable environment and educating the public to the dangers that confront us.  We aim to accomplish this in a worldwide, continuous effort. 

Every dream begins in the heart.  The best and brightest dreams come to fruition through hard work and commitment.  COTA Club Inc. has invested time, effort and money to see its dreams become reality.  After much discussion and research on where to build, we settled on the water front property on the eastern shores of Belize, adjacent to the Placencia Lagoon, the Barrier Reef, the Blue Hole, rain forest, archaeological reserves, forest reserves, marine reserves, national parks, natural monuments, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.  The land was acquired with private funds and was considered a commitment to a larger goal. 

In 1986, COTA Club Inc was granted non-profit, tax-exempt status by the federal government, a costly and time consuming process.  In as much we realized; all efforts have their rewards and COTA Club Inc was one step closer to realizing a dearly held dream.