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Pier Construction

This is one of the bigger projects we have planned.  This would allow fisherman to work closely with not only the local community but also benefit surrounding communities.

The pier will be a huge benefit to the local community and the central hub for the COTA Club. It will be the gateway for tourist to enter the Belizean community of Independence. The pier will also be the meeting place for visitors that have pre arranged for a tour or trip package with Cota Tours.  Upon arrival, visitors and tourists will be greeted by one of the local Belizean members of the COTA Club.  They will briefly be told about the preservation goals of the COTA Club. The tourist will be asked to act in an environmental responsible way while visiting the area. Currently we are trying to put together a list of all the materials that we need for this project, (to many to list - so little time). We need funding to get drafting and material bill of lading for this project.

The pier will consist of one 40' x 40' open air structure, 20' over the water and 20' over the land with a roof and railing. This will also have in one corner over the land an enclosed area with a kitchen and a storage area for locking things up. This will be attached to a board walk and a set of slips for medium sized water craft that follows north along Mango Creek about 300' with a few moorings for larger craft.

This project can start as soon as funding can be approved.

First cost would be as follows: